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About the Producer

Gustavo Mancilla has developed a name in the local media, his driven attitude has helped him to become a versatile marketer and communicator. Previously as General Manager of the only local Hispanic TV in Minnesota, Gustavo has learn and proven his skills on business development, while having a particular interest on producing all formats of local media for Latinos in Minnesota.

Gustavo Mancilla has developed local television programs such as Latinopolis and Impacto Local. Impacto Local being the longest lasting local Hispanic television production in Minnesota. Gustavo Mancilla has developed a name on local Hispanic journalism, his characteristic style has allowed him to create stories on all fields. He has interviewed high level politicians, A-list Latino entertainment figures, prominent educators, local corporate leaders, international agents of change, most members of local Latino leadership and most important, has been able to present the reality of the Minnesota Latino spectrum today.


Mancilla is also the Founder of MLatino Media, LLC., and publisher of

MLatino Media is a start-up Minneapolis based communications, marketing and advertising agency. Its mission is focused to help corporate, government and business organizations develop new and innovative media and advertising projects that directly and positively have impact on the local and growing Spanish speaking population of Minnesota. MLatino Media was established in October 2014.


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