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The video series has being distributed to the Spanish language audiences through El Minnesota de Hoy, the daily news portal and current events publication for Latinos en MN as well as extending to different local access television stations. The video series and related material will also be presented in digital channels and social media, promoted under the hashtag #LatinoenMN. 

"Yo. Un Latino en Minnesota" is proudly presented by UCare and by The Minnesota Twins.

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See our 2017 press release

"Every year, it is a surprising pleasure to reconnect with and rediscover the mission of this initiative. When reflecting on the value of Yo. Un Latino in Minnesota, I think we have managed to establish a method of recognizing the dynamic evolution that the Latino community in Minnesota has been achieving in recent years, with broader participation in all sectors.


This year, in particular, I am proud to continue working on the series with the support of the Minnesota Twins and with UCare, two organizations that, since our inception, have been close to projects like this one that promote equity and inclusion, presence and strengthening of all our communities. and in 2023 we have the perfect opportunity to show different aspects and profiles of the essential contributions of Latina women in Minnesota," said Gustavo Mancilla, Founder of MLatino Media and producer of this series.   

Watch previews of Yo. Un Latino en Minnesota at Cine Latino Film Festival by MSP Film Society's.

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