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The video series has being distributed to the Spanish language audiences through El Minnesota de Hoy, the daily news portal and current events publication for Latinos en MN; and through many digital outlets from the MN Twins Diversity and MLatino Media; as well as extending to different local access television stations. The video series and related material will also be presented in digital channels and social media, promoted under the hashtag #LatinoenMN. 

See our 2017 press release

“The conversation continues, year after year goes more in depth.  It is very pleasing for me to promote through this series, the message of this individuals in leadership roles, promoting significant values such as community involvement and personal development. More importantly, to learn about how these leaders work with the youth to incite progress in our community,” said Gustavo Mancilla, founder of MLatino Media and Executive Producer of the series.

“We are very happy to support the community. This project, reflective of our commitment with diversity and inclusion, captures the values and passion that the Minnesota Twins strive for beyond inside and beyond the field,” said by Miguel Ramos, Director & Inclusion Strategy for the Minnesota Twins.

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