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Nora Montañez

"As a Latina here in Minnesota, I have a responsibility with the new generation now, it is my job to lend a hand and say like, “Where do you want to go, what do you want to do,” 

Rebecca Moran Cusick

The Latinas are here, and we are hungry to do more, to be more and with all of your support with all of Minnesota opening their doors we will do this."

"My heroes, are those people in our community who are undocumented, who have no fear, and have the courage to speak... and to advocate..."

"The future of Latinos en Minnesota is bright.

The future of Latinos in America is bright."

"Throughout the country, all Latinos have to unite and work together and we will make a very big impression across the country."

"You can see that a boy who came here... without knowing a word in English can now write English and inform people... I can see that yes, yes he did it."

"I believe in assimilation without losing identity. I think of two cultures that exist, work and thrive together... The power of two is always greater than that of one."

"I think it's important to be a leader and find that platform in the community... to be visible so that young people... can see what you've done... so they can envision themselves getting there."

"I think about my parents... they came here because this is the place of of opportunity... they could seek education, asylum, support, and to be able to build their lives and their families, and contribute in meaningful ways."

"I also learned that the dreams that I had all my life, here could be a reality... we can do anything that we can dream."

Gabrielle Gerbaud

""The world is yours, you just need to find your own space."

Julieta Piox

"Existe una gran oportunidad para las jóvenes Latinas, para los líderes, para guiarles en su camino y ser un buen ejemplo".

Sandy Vargas

"Latinos bring business...all sorts of dollars into the state. We have brought a large piece of prosperity for Minnesotans.

All we have to do is look around and notice it!"

Rosa Tock

"The thing that we notice more and more is the enthusiasm of young Latinx people in being able to influence, participate and become part of public policy and decisions."

Pedro Fonseca

"I learn that many Minnesotans came from immigrant families; Germans, Scandinavians, Polish or Irish families...Nowadays; all Latinos come from immigrant families too."

"It's important that all Minnesotans acknowledge, respect, and honor the incredible sacrifices and ways in which Latinos have been involved in the development of this powerful state."

"In dancing ... it's a family ...  you share emotions, share sorrows, you will make companions and happiness..."

Patricia Conde-Brooks

"LatThe Latinas explosion here in Minnesota alone. When we look at some of our representatives in Minnesota: Mayors, city councils,  school boards; Latinos are stepping up finding there's always and speaking up "

Esther Ledesma Pumarol

“I think it's not a secret that Hispanics and​ Latinos ​continue to be a growing​ group within the population of the United States. Politicians​ and economists are recognizing that we have buying power.”

Lady Midnight

"Even if representation matters, labels don't really serve us"

"We have a great commitment, fortunately to be the face that shows the true reason and goal of which we as immigrants come to this great country."

"Being named The Teacher of The Year 2021 was very surprising for me...I hope that the work that I do in the classroom can be used so that my students' stories could be highlighted."

"... the ability to enjoy in life, in happiness, if not in the happiness in music, in color, in the way we are and in the way we behave. Bring life to life."

"What makes us strong is that we have a culture. Something that everyone can relate to... We have to unite. We have to accept that tomorrow comes. And it's here."

Roma Calatayud-Stocks

"I have never seen such a time when corporations and organizations are so open to bringing diversity to their workplace, programs and to the ir strategic planning."

"I think our community has grown stronger, and from what I believe I see, grown proud and able to say 'Hey, I am Latino, this is who I am.'"

"The Latinx, Latino, Latina community is at the prime of its time, this is what the migration of Latinos had been working for."

"Truly what matters is what's inside of you. You just have to have the courage and be driven to go for what you want." 

Tony Oliva

"I love it, for sports or for any business, you need internationals."

Nestor Gomez

"I'm incredibly hopeful for this generation and future generations of Latinos here in MN."

Peter Reyes

"Latinos tend to be loyal, hard-working, driven; willing to give back to the community and contribute as professionals...and that impact has been seen not only through the Twin Cities but throughout the entire State of Minnesota"  

"I have a responsibility to inspire and advocate for future Latino leaders, challenge stereotypes, and bring awareness to the community about Latinos."

"Where you are born and where you come from are important but they are less important than where you decide to live as an adult because... then it means that this means something to you..."

"We are all sort of representatives; but it is much easier be that representative when you are met with sweetness and a very clear sense of acceptance about who you are, what your background is, and what it is that you do."

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