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Yo. Un Latino en Minnesota.

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To celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month in Minnesota, MLatino Media, LLC. is leading forward for its eight year in a successful partnership with the Department of Diversity in Marketing of the Minnesota Twins Baseball Club.

Yo. Un Latino en Minnesota.

A video series with profiles and perspectives from local successful Latinos, to highlight their achievements, the relevancy of their work, and to offer a better understanding of the contributions made by Latinos in Minnesota.

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Our Producer

Gustavo Mancilla has developed a name in the local media, his driven attitude has helped him to become a versatile marketer and communicator. Previously as General Manager of the only local Hispanic TV in Minnesota, Gustavo has learn and proven his skills on business development, while having a particular interest on producing all formats of local media for Latinos in Minnesota.

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Our Leaderships

Manny Laureano

Manny Laureano

"We are all sort of representatives; but is much easier be that representative when you are meet with sweetness and a very clear sense of acceptance about who you are, what your background is, what it is that you do."

Sandy Vargas

Sandy Vargas

"Latinos bring business...all sorts of dollars into the state. We have brought a large piece of prosperity for Minnesotans.

All we have to do is look around and notice it!"

Carlos Mariani Rosa

Carlos Mariani Rosa

"It's important that all Minnesotans acknowledge, respect and honor the incredible sacrifices and ways in which Latinos have been involved in the development of this powerful state."

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